Return to Tokyo

I lived in Tokyo for ten years from 2001 to 2011. Shortly after the Dotcom crash, I moved there to pursue my first Japan-based design job. I raised a family there and lived in the suburbs. For me, this sprawling city actually feels small, with all the familiar places and faces. But not being Japanese myself, there’s also a strangeness in the culture and language that I know yet don’t completely understand. I speak the language but not perfectly, I know the customs but not as someone raised there. It’s as if I wasn’t connected to a part of my body. These photos chronicle my return to Tokyo during the pandemic in spring 2022. I walked the city with my camera and around every corner, I had familiar yet strange encounters.

1 thought on “Return to Tokyo

  1. Phil says:

    Nice collection and variety of subjects. Use of film is interesting, for me anyway. Dots, Nicknack House, and Arrow shadow are my three top pics, but others are also interesting. The graininess of the beer signs are like my own memories.

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