San Francisco Up Close

By accident, you put / Your money in my / Machine (#4) / By accident, I put / My money in another / Machine (#6) / On purpose, I put / Your clothes in the / Empty machine full / Of water and no / Clothes / It was lonely.

This poem was found written on a paper bag by Richard Brautigan in a laundromat in San Francisco. The author is unknown.

I’ve spent countless hours exploring the streets of my city San Francisco and taking photos of whatever caught my eye. But more and more I noticed small details on walls and on the sidewalks and wanted to capture them. I decided I needed to get a macro lens and I spent months shooting only close-up views of the city. I began wandering into parts of the city I found the most interesting like the Tenderloin where the patina of the city really jumps out at you. By shooting up close, I began to notice the beauty of graffiti. Markings on walls and window reflections fascinated me. It was a world I had never noticed before since I was always too far away.

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