Painted in Kyoto Light

I hadn’t been to Kyoto, my favorite city, for several years. Most of all I missed the light of Kyoto that paints the river, trees, temples, and streets with a blue-green luster. I took the bullet train down from Tokyo to stay in a guest house and spent three days alone wandering around. Japan still in pandemic, the city felt strangely quiet and empty. I walked randomly around the old city and shot whatever Kyoto seemed to be quietly telling me to take. More than pictures on film these are vignettes discovered by looking.

2 thoughts on “Painted in Kyoto Light

  1. Barbara Shields says:

    Beautiful collection Lance! I especially like the ones of the little white flowers. We took the bullet train to Kyoto when we were in Japan but it was just a stop over on our some where else either coming from Osaka or going there. It has been many years but we live the serenity and beauty of Japan! Your pictures show that! Well done!

  2. Lance says:

    Thanks so much, Barb! Kyoto is such an inspiring place to take photos. Literally, something interesting and beautiful around every corner. As I said in my description, the color of the light there really makes things look different. Time also passes differently. Slower I mean. It’s like walking in a daydream.

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