Following the Coast

“This then: to photograph a rock, have it look like a rock, but be more than a rock.”

Edward Weston

“Happiness consists in realising it is all a great strange dream.”

Jack Kerouac

I grew up in California but left it and came back many times. There’s no place quite like it. It may be a cliche to say California is a state of mind. Still, it has undoubtedly affected the way I see things as I drive north to south following the coast – photographing it, surfing the waves, meeting the people, and camping by the Pacific. This was the end of the line for settlers who traveled on horseback or train seeking their fortunes. And many stayed and built their lives along the California shores. My family did the same when I was still in diapers. And it’s attracted all sorts of artists, writers, poets, and photographers. My favorites include Edward Weston, Neil Young, Jack Kerouac, and David Hockney. And then there are those people who make beautiful surfboards to ride the waves.

This series is a loose collection of views and moments, while always following the coast. The challenge of shooting the California shoreline and its people is seeing past its obvious beauty and the cliche postcard shot. Sometimes it’s the play of light or the weather, sometimes it’s the feeling of wide open spaces, and sometimes it’s underfoot. Above all else, for me, it’s about the ocean.

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